End of Year Reflections + TEACHER GIVEAWAY

It's been too long! The end of the semester is always a busy time with all the last minute assessments, CAHSEE testing, STAR testing, helping seniors complete their portfolios, graduation, and so many more! It's  been such an awesome experience for me because it is the first graduation I will be attending and helping with at my current school. That's probably why it's such a busy time for me because I'm learning the ropes at the new school I am at.  Thankfully, I have an amazing teaching staff that supports their new teachers.

As I write this, I am filled with such an overwhelming expansion in my heart because I am so pleased with how spectacular this year has gone by.  When I was teaching elementary, it was great and all, but seeing my CAHSEE prep students pass their CAHSEE and be eligible to graduate high school has been the absolute best feeling.  They've come up to me saying that they had been taking the CAHSEE for years, and my class was what helped them get through. As a teacher, I know that students can achieve anything when they put their heart to it.  That is why I believe that my students did all the work.

They come into my class broken from the outside world.  Their babies have been sick, they have been homeless, their Probation Officer's been on their case, they haven't been able to see their doctor due to no insurance.  The problems are plentiful, but when they walk into class, their world changes. They want to learn, want to succeed, and want to go on to the next step.  This is what makes my job so special.

Since I am filled with so much joy, I wanted to share it with the world with a giveaway! The lucky winner will be receiving the contents of the May Very Busy Box by Blair Turner Paper and a $20 TPT gift card.  The winner will be announced in 10 Days on the blog and Instagram.
The May Very Busy Box includes a gold facet box from creative co-op, brass turtle desk clip from oh, hello friend, gift bows from merci merci, screen wipes from well-kept, page dots from girl of all work, adhesive point tabs from girl of all work, paper goods from blair turner paper, all out of groceries pad from knock knock, and a buaggu 3D zip