New Year, New Adventures: Wedding Photos & Video

If you have been a dear, loyal follower of my blog, then you knew that in Graduate School (last year), I got engaged. Because of that, I wasn't able to update my blog as much as I wanted. My goal is to update at least 3 times a week, but you will hear more of that later.

Now, I wanted to share a little bit of my ordinary, yet wonderful life/wedding with my blog followers. <3

Wedding Trailer

Wedding Photos

Venue: Carmel Mountain Ranch Country Club (San Diego, CA)
Photography: A StoryBook Moment Photography
Videography: Rugger Productions
Dress: Etsy
Hair: Sim Bilben from Jule Salon and Boutique
DJ: Battleson DJ
Florals: La Belle Bloom
Cake: Edelweiss Bakery

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Reign on Ed Tech Baton

I have been given the absolute pleasure of guest posting for Ed Tech Baton tomorrow morning. They're a finalist for the 2014 EduBlogs Awards for the Best Educational Use of a Social Media.

If you've never heard of it, then you are in for a treat! It's a community-run Instagram account for teachers to share pictures of how they use technology in their classrooms.  Since tomorrow will be my day to post, I will take full advantage of posting effective lesson plans, innovating apps on the Chrome Books, and anything else that happens in my classroom that I feel other teachers might benefit from.

For more information, click here for their website.

Make sure to check out my Instagram posts on @edtechbaton tomorrow! Here's to an excellent week!

Giveaway for Teachers!

Hello wonderful and beautiful teachers and soon to be teachers!!! I am so thankful to all my readers and supporters across all of my social media platforms! You all have been so incredibly wonderful, and that is why I wanted to host a giveaway for teachers and soon to be teachers! The giveaway will be a $40 giftcard to Amazon! It's my favorite store to purchase school and non-school related items. Where do you think I get all my makeup and books from? All you need to do to enter is subscribe with your email to this blog, subscribe to my youtube page, and to comment on this post by saying what you would want to buy with the $40 giftcard. Winner will be posted 1 week from now! :)

English Cahsee Prep Powerpoint

I have done it! I have finally done it! After teaching three or four CAHSEE English Prep classes, I have finally created a powerpoint that would help me teach.  I knew I needed it, because when I wanted to pull up an example with a picture of a visual, it would take me hours. I also hated coming up with examples on the top of my head! I know, crazy!

I actually was able to implement the powerpoint in my last CAHSEE English prep class, and it was so successful that I decided to post it on Teachers Pay Teachers.

If you want to this powerpoint, then just head

This powerpoint is full of many questions that the students can answer before the teacher speaks the instructional points.  There are many great visuals and questions include. My students loved this powerpoint so much, they ended up wanting a copy to study with.  The trouble was sending it to all of my students!

It is also completely available to be manipulated, so it can be changed to fit your class.  Currently, my class is all inclusive, so I have students with IEPS, students with 504 plans, and English Language Learners.  With that being said, this powerpoint makes it so much easier to teach cahsee prep.

You can either spread it out in a semester, but you can also teach this in 6 hours (with some time for practice in between).

Enjoy and have a wonderful week! :)

Writing Rubric for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Graders: Self, Peer, and Teacher Review

I love teaching writing, especially to my first graders. We had our little routine going, but I think my favorite part was seeing my students grow from writers to peer-editors.  Towards the middle of the school year, my students were used to writing and then getting their work checked.  First they would check their own work, but then they would find a partner to check their work.

It definitely took a lot of training in the beginning, but it paid off because my students owned their writing!  I even created a rubric for them to go through, and this made things a hundred times easier.

This document makes it so easy to provide feedback and a score for the students to see. If you want it, I have it for free at in my teachers pay teachers store. Click here for the freebie.

I also have this rubric in a book report I created for my first graders. They enjoyed filling out book reports using this, and the more they did, the better they became at identifying story elements!

What Does Guided Writing Look Like? K-3 Education

Writing is one of the hardest things for students to do.  It's hard for some students to start writing, and it's even harder for them to write effectively.  Unfortunately, most teachers don't spend enough time teaching how to write. Young writers need to experience successful writing over time, and this strategy helps the students grow as young scholars.  Guided Writing allows for this to happen.

Ask yourself- what are your students' writing needs?
How Do You Begin Guided Writing?

1. This strategy usually starts with a mini lesson, and they can be done in a small group environment or in front of the whole group.

2.  Mini lessons can be created on the spur of the moment when you realize your students are having difficulty with something specific.  You can also follow a yearly plan of guided writing lessons.

3. You need to create groups of students, and it would be great if the groups are divided homogeneously.

4.  Choose when the the mini-lesson will be delivered.  When I taught kindergarten and first grade, I taught the mini-lesson right before I had Daily 5. The Daily 5 are literacy centers, and if you want to read more about it then click here for my previous blog post.

5.  Create a space where you can store student writing because student writing growth needs to be documented.   The parents and students love seeing the growth, and admin loves seeing effective teaching strategies in action too!

Mini lessons include shared writing, and this is an example of shared writin.

What Should be in the Mini-Lesson?

1. Shared Reading: read informational text, and prompt/question the students about the way the text is written

2. Teach one strategy of writing: As a teacher, you need to know exactly what your students are being troubled by most.  Pick that concept, and it can be anything from punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, spelling, or composing paragraphs.

3. Independent Practice: The students need time to practice their new writing skill. At this moment, you should be walking around and giving feedback for almost every students' writing.

4. Share! Share Share!: This is the students' favorite time. Provide ample time for the kiddos to share their masterpieces to their peers.  Writing does have a purpose, and students should know that. :)

What Do You Need?

1. Table to sit at with a small group of students

2. Organization to store students writing

Watch This Video for Guided Writing

If you want to see an excellent example of guided writing in action, then click this link! It shows what the teachers and students look like as they are in the process.

Comment below and let me know if you currently have guided writing in your classroom. I would like to see how real teachers implement it!