Top 10 Best Teacher Websites

I love to plan when I am right in front of the computer.  I feel like there are 10 or so websites I am constantly visiting when I plan.  They make life so much easier for me, and I wanted to share them with you all. The following ten websites are not in any order, and I love them all equally.

1. NEWSELA This website has a bunch of news articles for students to read.  They have many different topics and genres.  One great thing about this website is that when you click on an article, you also have the choice to change the lexile reading level of the article. It automatically changes.  I think the lowest lexile level is around a 400.  The articles even have a quiz attached to it!

Here is a screen shot of one of the articles. The blue rectangle is where you change the lexile reading level. Love it!

2. Teaching Tolerance This is a wonderful website for teachers that are aimed to teach for social justice and tolerance. There are a million resources on this site, and their newsletters are also super fun! They even have film kits that you can get for free if you are a teacher.  On top of all of that, they offer free professional development webinars!

Enjoy this trailer from their youtube.

3. Youtube Need I say anything else? Amazing websites for professional development, videos to show students, and everything else in between. Don't forget to check out my Youtube Channel !

4. Common Curriculum This is an online lesson planner. It is completely customizable, and they creators of this website made it so easy to share lessons/units with colleagues. It is especially wonderful for teachers that are mandated to turn lesson plans into principals. It is very user-friendly, and the flexibility of it makes it wonderful.

Here is a screen shot of one of my units.

5. Engrade This is an online grade book. I love this because I can access it on my ipad. They don't have an app yet, but it is so extremely simple that it works great with the web browser. If I could describe this website in three words it would be: simple, easy, and fast.

6. Discovery Education Discovery Ed is completely free, and totally resourceful. They have lesson plans for K-12, for all subjects. I was suprrised to find that Discovery Ed was not only science, but social studies, English, math, technology, and even health. They also have educational videos that students can watch and learn from. Check it out!

7. Teaching Channel This is a great website where teachers post videos of them teaching in the classroom. It's a great place to get ideas and inspiration.  I see some of the most amazing teachers on this channel.  In addition to searching and finding lessons that might come in handy, you can also create a lesson planner inside the website where you save certain videos to come back to them next.

8. Edutopia This website is very similar teaching channel but it focuses on the academic educations conversations. I always learn a lot of what's new and hot in the educational world by checking this website out. It's not the best immediate planning help, but it definitely helps for the long run.

9. Read Write Think This website focuses on student literacy, but the best thing about this website is the free professional development webinars. You can never watch too many of these. They also have lessons and even handouts.

10. Pinterest I love the visuals on Pinterest.  I can search something I am looking to teach in, and all I see are visuals. They are so easy to look through. I also love that I can make boards for the different months and themes. When I was teaching first grade, I taught in themes. Each month there was a new theme/units, so anything I saw related to those themes/units, I placed into those boards. Please take my word for it and check Pinterest out, if you haven't already.

Which one of these is your favorite? Also, if you have any other favorites please leave the website in the comments section. I would love to hear from you all.

Teach Like a Champion Book Review by Doug Lemov

What's up teachers!

This weekend I was able to add to my youtube channel, and for my official first video, I did a teacher book review on Teach Like a Champion by Doug Lemov. It has been one of my go to books for a few years, and I suggest all the teachers out there to read it. Click below for the youtube review, and I do plan on creating another video with my top 10 favorites from the book. :) Love you all!

One of those days...

I can easily say that teaching is the best profession for me, and I could never ever see myself doing anything else in this crazy world of ours.  I enjoy working with my students, no matter what the age, and I absolutely love the moment when my students get that "ah-ha!" moment. I even love the lesson planning and filing (crazy, I know).

I could go on and on about the millions of things I love about teaching, but today was one of those days where I was going crazy! Usually, my days are so positive and wonderful, but today was all wrong. One incident really kept me reflecting and I wanted to share it. If you have any suggestions, please message me or comment below!

So, I was in English class and I was explaining to my students the benefits of doing well in timed writing. One of the examples brought up was passing the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE). We were going to focus on the pre-writing before essay writing, but then one of my students blurted out, "The students that don't pass the cahsee are dumb." Immediately, I knew that what he said was so wrong and inappropriate. About a quarter of the students in my class had not passed the cahsee, and I didn't want them to get defeated because some kid make an ignorant comment. I felt very upset, but I kept very professional. I told him that one person is not dumb or smart by the grades or passing the cahsee. He didn't seem apologetic, but he did stop his comments.

I guess I wasn't the only one upset in the class because one of my other students said what was on her mind. She disagreed with what he said, and I was so proud to see her not use profanity but instead using academic language to speak back to him. This then led to the entire class being distracted, and instead of focusing on their writing, they were looking at the two individuals. At this time, I pulled the students outside of the class, but they kept talking loudly in the hallway.

I wasn't able to contain them, and to this moment I keep reflecting back on it.  Was there another way I could have handled it? What kind of second meeting should I have with those students?

New Youtube Channel

So if you have not already noticed, I absolutely love talking about teaching and my students. One of the problems I face is talking to individuals about what I'm passionate (teaching) and realize that they are bored out of their minds!!! I kept thinking about how I could possibly be a better teacher if I don't talk about what I do, or even collaborate with others on my staff. Well, one glorious morning while I was watching a makeup tutorial on Youtube and applying my makeup, I had a light bulb erupt in my head. I would create my own Youtube channel and talk as much as I can about teacher, and no one can say anything about it!

Sooooooo, guess what I did. No kids, no husband (yet), family so far away, I decided that I had enough time on my hands to blog, teach, and create a Youtube account. How hard could it be right?! :P

I was wayy over my head, but since one of the things I teach my students to do is persevere, that it exactly what I did. I cleaned my room, set up the filming space, did my research on good lighting, did my makeup, and eventually filmed the first "about me" video.  I was so nervous and flustered, but that was not even the worst part. I learned the hard way that I needed to know how to edit. So, because I am so impatient and I wanted to get the video done asap, I pseudo edited and posted. Boy, it can only go up from here, let me tell you.

Well, if you want to see that video and subscribe to the channel, please click here! :)

The video is right here! :)

New job, new city!!!!!

I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has been waaaay too long and so much to update on. I've got a couple of shockers, and I'm just going to get into it. .....

I'm a high school multiple subjects teacher in San Diego now!!!!!! I know, totally different from what I've been doing before, but I am exactly where I'm supposed to be. :) Words cannot describe how happy I am to be at the school I'm at currently, but I'm going to try anyways.

I've always wanted to be a teacher to those that have been profiled their whole lives, especially in school. I knew that I could teach those students by challenging them and allowing them go above and beyond what others expect of them. Thankfully, I've chosen to work in an environment where I am working with those exact type of students.

I know I will come across a different set of issues from what I experienced while teaching elementary schools, so I will make sure to keep you all updated. Much love!