It's raining and pouring in Los Angeles.  I get a thirty minute break before I have to go back to my classroom.  It's Friday, and I am feeling like it's the last day of the work week.  Boy am I tired, but I wanted to post something while I am cuddled into the black leather couches in the teacher's lounge.

It sure has been a long time since my last post.  It's not that I haven't been thinking of reflecting and posting, but I just hadn't had the time with full time graduate school at CGU, first year teaching, and an ENGAGEMENT!!!! :) It's been a great year so far, and I am so incredibly thankful for the direction I am being sent in.

Here is my sweetheart! :) I can't believe we are getting married! I'll be moving from Los Angeles to San Diego.  So the job hunt will begin...shortly.

Besides that exciting news, I have also been nominated for an award for teaching first grade through my graduate school. This has been such a blessing, because I am doing what I am so passionate about!  Everyday I come to work thinking how in this world did I end up doing what I have dreamt of doing for so long, and actually being successful at it. I am a teacher, my students love school, they groan when writing time is over, they complain when social studies lessons have to come to a close, and get so excited during math time that they are jumping up from their seats to get a center to learn "play" with.

With this being said, I also feel like I need to post ideas, concepts, lessons, projects that worked with my class and those that did not work.  We just finished our science fair projects, so there is a little down time before the next event.  I want to, no scratch that.  I NEED to reflect on what's been going right and wrong so I know what changes to make for the following year.  Wherever that may be....