It has been such a busy first month, but I feel like things are starting to come under control.  Because I am a new teacher, I had to buy a lot of things to use for the classroom and make centers for math, ela, science, and social studies.  Thankfully, many of the parents in the classroom were more than willing to help out. I will add many pictures soon on what kind of centers I picked up for the first month of September.

On a MUCH lighter topic, I hosted my very first back to school night.  It was a complete success! All my parents shows up and I was able to showcase a little about what we do in our classroom.  At first I was extremely nervous  but the parents were just so incredibly supportive.  Here are some of the pictures I took.

My wishlist was posted on these stars.  The parents were able to pull off the stars, and on the bottom was a smaller post-it that had the same information on it.  It included the item and the donator's name.  This made it easier for me to track who picked what.

This was the "Who am I?" wall. The parents had such a great time arguing about who was there child.  The kids even tried "making it easier" for their parents to choose.  I will definitely do this every year.

Here was the set up on the students' desks.  On each desk was a handwritten note to the parents, a welcome package, sheet for parents to take notes, and a list of of educational websites for the parents.
The parents were super excited about the popcorn.  I didn't think it would be such a great hit.

Here is a completed English Language Arts focus wall.

This was one of the student work that I had up on the walls.

Here is an entrance view of my classroom.  I had a 200 picture slideshow going before and after my presentation to the parents.  They loved seeing their kids completely and utterly immersed in the work, centers, and presentations.

Here are my back walls.

Sign in sheet and greeting for the parents