Thankfully, I was able to get about three hours of work done.  I took down all the bulletin boards, because it was just too much color for me.  I would like for there to be a theme (maybe blue, green, and white), but we will see. are some updated pictures.

I have so many ideas for this wall.

I kind of wish I did not have a teacher's table and had a u-shaped table instead, but I will work with it regardless. :)

Seeing as how I will only have about 10-12 students, I plan to have 2-3 groups.  I would like to have two carpets (library and learning time).

Decided to put the library underneath the natural sunlight.

So many colors, so many borders.

So I rolled them up!
More updates to come!

Here are some pictures of my classroom (before decorating and organizing).  This is how I found my classroom, and I was surprised at the amount of manipulatives, books, and other resources I found!I can already tell it is going to be a great year.

I have about 2 weeks before my students walk in, so I will be working daily on creating a learning, comfortable, and accessible environment.   Here's to having my very own classroom to decorate! :)

I have so many cabinets!
Check out my Smart Board on the side of the classroom!
I see potential.

Taken from the back of the classroom

World! I got the job, and I am officially a 1st grade teacher!! Words cannot describe how excited I am to be at the school I got hired at and to be working with 1st graders!  Tomorrow I'm going in to clean what the last teacher left behind  and start decorating.

I have a vision for what I want my classroom to feel and look like.  I am imagining something peaceful, calm, comfortable, and clutter-free.  What do you think?  :)

Hello!  I thought I would post some pictures of math activities I did for my kindergarten students that were having difficulty identifying their numbers.  They loved doing them because they were able to manipulate objects instead of just using paper and pencil.  This was also good for early finishers!

Instead of writing in a numbers chart, my students place them on a board

Another way of matching numbers with objects

Matching numbers with pictures

Pop out numbers with pop out counters

I did it! I signed up for my very first teacher conference, and I am so excited!  I align myself with the philosophy that teachers are conduits of social justice in the school system, and I hope to meet other like-minded teachers.

Let's go! Here is the website for more information.

It's summer time, and my kindergarten students wanted to paint!  So we decided to make ABC charts to go home in case they ever "wanted to practice them."  We had a great time writing the letters and painting with water colors.  I gave my friends only one rule.  That rule was that one color could not be painted two boxes in a row.  Here are some pictures!

I traced their letters with black permanent marker.

I know it is kinda random, but here are a few pictures of the classroom I was in.  It took me a whole weekend of switching furniture around  before I ended up with the layout in the pictures.  It wasn't the biggest of rooms, but I worked with what I had. :)

This is where I give most of my instruction.  The green spots indicate student's seats.

Seats are for some of my students that like to work on their own or need that quiet writing or reading time.

This was my teacher table.  I had my reading and writing workshops here.

We had a wonderful lecture on multiple intelligences and wanted to share this video with everyone. Beware!  It will make you emotional.

All students come to school with a figurative basket, and they have to see what they have in their baskets and what items they are missing in their baskets.  It is crucial for students to be aware of what they have in their baskets and what they are missing. How else would they know what to focus on?

I like to read to my kindergarten students every day and do a writing workshop after.  This week my students and I will be focusing on the "Dumb Bunnies" book by Sue Denim.  I had read it to them a couple weeks ago, and I decided to read it again one more time today.

I was so incredibly surprised to see that they had been reading it in between and memorized the words to the story!  Here is a video of us reading the book.

During my long term substitute position in Kindergarten, I had students do math journals.  After the first few days I began to see amazing work from my students.  I was looking for something that allowed the students to express their answers in multiple ways, and I found the right thing!  Here are some samples of student work.

Student Work

Student Work

Student Work

Here is the website I got the math journal ideas from.

I was able to print out the journals, cut them, stable them, and give it to the students to hold onto.

Oh what the heck! Here is another one! This video shows a teacher modeling shared writing for us brand new teachers.

What is the difference between this form of teaching and the first video we saw?

Hi everyone!

My name is Liana Nazaretyan, and in exactly 16 days I will know exactly where I will be placed for my student teaching experience.  I would be much more excited for that moment if I wasn't knee deep in assessment profiles, reading reflections, and lesson plans for my methods courses.

All this researching WILL pay off one day. :)

In this blog, I plan on reflecting on what is going on in the classroom more for myself for when I am old and raggedy and want to have a good laugh at how I barely good through my first year.  I also was tempted to create this blog so I can share anything cool I come across my first year with everyone else.  I'm sure I am not the only one in this very rocky boat, so I hope we can all get through this together!  Yay to changing lives! :)